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Physicist and PhD in Geophysics. Python developer at Fatiando a Terra. Free and open-source software supporter who loves spending time outdoors.

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I'm a Lic. in Physics graduated at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario and a PhD in Geophysics from the Universidad Nacional de San Juan.

During my PhD I researched forward and inverse gravity models at the Instituto Geofísico Sismológico Volponi and at the Computer-Oriented Geoscience Lab with the support of a CONICET scholarship.

Nowadays I work as a Postdoctoral Researcher Fellow at the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences of the University of British Columbia.

I'm also a longtime GNU/Linux user and Free Software supporter. I'm one of the core developers of Fatiando a Terra: a collection of open-source Python tools for forward and inverse modelling in geophysics; and contribute to open-source projects whenever I have the chance. I also support open-source software in Science and open-access publications by reviewing articles on JOSS: The Journal of Open Source Software.

I love teaching and sharing my knowledge: I've taught a few different Physics courses and also Python and git tutorials. With the intention of improving my teaching skills I became a certified Carpentries instructor.

When I'm not researching, coding or teaching I like to spend time outdoors doing rock climbing, trekking and mountaineering, biking or kayaking. I consider myself an amateur photographer as well.

Curriculum Vitae

You can access a PDF version of my Curriculum Vitae, written in LaTeX using a custom template.

The sources for building my CV are available in santisoler/cv.