Tutorial: Introduction to SimPEG at Agrogeo24

Devin Cowan, Santiago R. Soler and Lindsey Heagy (2024)


We were invited by Agrogeo24 to give a workshop about SimPEG, to show the agrogeophysical community how we can use SimPEG to run forward simulations of DC resistivity data (ERT), and how we can invert that type of data.

I really enjoyed how warm and welcoming this community is, and spending those days in Zürich was a lovely opportunity to connect with professionals working on similar problems but with very different applications.

If your interested in getting hands on the notebooks we wrote for the tutorial, you can them along with instructions on how to set up your system to run them in the repo we created for it: simpeg/agrogeo24.

Picture of Devin going through the first slides of the tutorial

Group photo of the Agrogeo24 conference outside of the ETH building with
Zürich buildings in the background