Fatiando a Terra: Open-source tools for geophysics

Leonardo Uieda, Santiago R. Soler and Agustina Pesce (2021)


The Fatiando a Terra project is a collection of open-source Python libraries for geophysics which cover a range of functionalities, from data download and processing to modeling and inversion. In this opportunity we will present the two libraries that are focused on potential fields: Harmonica and Boule. Boule implements reference ellipsoids (including oblate ellipsoids, spheres, and soon triaxial ellipsoids), conversions between ellipsoidal and geocentric spherical coordinates, and normal gravity calculations. The latter are performed using analytical expressions for gravity fields at any point outside of the ellipsoid. Harmonica provides tools for processing, forward modelling, and inversion of gravity and magnetic data. We will demonstrate its use to compute Bouguer gravity disturbances by forward modelling the topography with prisms, removing a 2nd order regional trend, and interpolating it onto a regular grid at a constant height using the equivalent layer technique. Both libraries are still evolving as we continue to refine their goals and scopes. We invite everyone to get involved in the development, whether it's through coding, writing documentation, or giving feedback.


Slides of "Fatiando a Terra: Open-source tools for

Slides: www.fatiando.org/2021-gsh

Live-coding notebook

During the presentation we gave a small demo with live coding following a notebook for processing gravity data with Fatiando tools.