Fatiando a Terra: a journey into open-source software for Geophysics

Santiago R. Soler (2023)


Screenshot of the blogpost

I was invited by Constanza Rodriguez Piceda to write a blogpost about Fatiando a Terra and the value of open-source software in the scientific community. She not only invited me, but also edited the blogpost, doing a magnificent job at improving my very formal writing and keeping it more casual.

I invite you to read it here!

Here is the summary she wrote for opening the blogpost:

A day in the life of a Geophysicist often involves engaging in tasks such as data downloading, processing, modeling, or some type of inversion. Unfortunately, these tasks are often burdensome or limited to closed-source software solutions. The Fatiando a Terra projects aims at overcoming some of these difficulties by offering a completely open-source Python toolbox tailored for Geoscientists. This week, Santiago Soler, a postdoc at University of British Columbia and one of the main software developers, will guide us through the world of Fatiando, providing insights into its capabilities and sharing how you can actively participate and contribute to this exciting project.